Moscova Libri e Robe

Buy and sale
books – clothes – linen
jewels – furnitures and decorative objects



Since its opening in 1981, a few steps from the historical Piazza Sant’Angelo in Milan, “Moscova Libri e Robe” (via della Moscova, 15) has become a reference point for collectors of objects, antiques, vintage, old-fashioned clothing, jewels, original period pieces, design, rarities, with eyes and heart opened ready to transmit its passion to both frequent customers and new ones.

The constant exchange of information and sociability usually transforms the store into a real cultural gathering.While entering the little shop, Mrs Dilva Zappettini, the elegant owner, will invite you to meet her historical, intact collection of antique clothing with proud, shiny eyes. Some are real jewels, precious, handmade fine textures, crystal decorated and glass pearled.

During our first visits to the shop, we bumped into real rarities like, for example, an overcoat of 1925 coming from an historical dressmaker in Milan; gleaming Yves Saint Laurent evening dresses or sun dresses from the twenties and swim caps from the sixties. A 50’s purse combined with its little hat and an original box from the historical atelier Gallia & Peter were once there. You even may find original creations by Chanel, Dior, Gandini.

Valued garments and accessories originally owned by wealthy lombard families are some little items of Mrs Dilva Zandonella‘s collection from the eighties, later sold to Museo del Castello Sforzesco in Milan first, and to Kyoto Costume Institute, next.

Prices vary from quality and rarity: from € 5,00 to much higher amounts. You can also find a selection of antique pieces and necklaces, ivory bracelets, english turtled cigar boxes of the end of the eighteen century, wood or silver cardboards, carillons, precious boxes for embroidery, inkpots, vases, lamps, watches, fine linens, travel writing-tables.

A special section is dedicated to antique books, out of sale editions such as cooking publications and bon ton manuals, fashion and arts magazines and a collection of illustrated volums, even for kids.

The sign “Moscova Libri e Robe”, forged in 1981, gives now only an idea of what Mrs Dilva’s shop can offer. A little big room where quality and variety of true rarities perfectly combine with less precious oddities in a suspended atmosphere of past memories. Objects personally found and smelled out by Mrs Dilva among Collectors or common people who know their objects will find the right place through her hands.

Last but not least, a big crowded room is dedicated to high fashion handmade clothing from mid eighteen century to models from the thirties, forties, fifties, sixties and special models from today. Again, pictures, silver objects, small smarty boxex, bijoux, hat boxes, old retrò suitcases, a gallery of reminiscences for both buyers and sellers, put together around this well-educated social parlor. All this is possible thanks to Mrs Dilva’s communication abilities and experience, matured in her thirty-three years of activity, since she was a very young lady.